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Quick Event Calendar is a very simple, efficient WordPress event calendar plugin.

Quick Event Calendar allows you to add posts, events or any other custom post type to a flexible, responsive calendar which can be placed in a post, page or widget.

Quick Event Calendar Demo | Quick Event Calendar Client Demo | Get the plugin!

The calendar works on one page only using AJAX loading. All events (or posts) in one month are displayed under the calendar. It is simple, fast, with no bloated styles and visual scripts.

Help with shortcodes

Use the [qcc-calendar] shortcode in any post, page or widget to show the calendar.
Use the [qcc-form] shortcode in any post, page or widget to show the calendar submission form.

Help with template tags

Use the <php echo do_shortcode("[qcc-calendar]"); ?> code in any page template to show the calendar.
Use the <php echo do_shortcode("[qcc-form]"); ?> code in any page template to show the calendar submission form.

Help with styling

Use the included themes to style your calendar. Use the default or the minimal theme to match your current WordPress theme appearance.

The calendar is feature-packed: works with custom posts, only needs one page, includes predefined themes and is responsive.


  1. Upload the qcc-calendar folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory
  2. Activate the plugin via the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. A new Quick Event Calendar menu will appear in WordPress -> Settings containing all settings and options

After installing the plugin, you need to configure it by selecting several options:

Quick Event Calendar - Settings

Select the desired post type, select the desired category (if post type is ‘post‘) and select which posts you want to show. For an event calendar, the default should be both published and scheduled/future posts.

In case you want to use custom meta fields, the calendar works with preexisting meta fields. Using custom meta fields requires a third-party plugin to add new fields.

After selecting the desired options, pick one of the predefined themes to match your site.

After selecting a theme, you need to match your site’s colours with the calendar template.

In your Configurator tab, select the accent colour, the event colour and the background colour for the current day.

Quick Event Calendar - Configurator

When you are done with the settings, use the [qcc-calendar] shortcode in any post, page or widget to show the calendar.

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