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Years ago there was a game I loved playing and I spent hours and hours doing quests and hunting with my parties. This game was called RuneScape. Rewritten and renamed, the first version of RuneScape was released to the public on 4 January 2001 in beta form. It has a free-to-play option, and a simple interface that is accessible on most web browsers.

Recently, RuneScape became 3D. Well, as 3D as Java can be, but anyway, the changes are amazing. Here is a movie from their recent update, and a quick note:

RuneScape has been reworked and now looks better than ever! If you are a member, you will be able to access this update by following the directions below. If you are a free player, you can expect to be playing RuneScape HD as soon as the Beta period is over. Free players who select RuneScape HD will receive a preview of the new graphics, meaning they can see how it runs on their machines, but will be unable to play in it.

I miss those days, when I had nothing to do all day but play RuneScape.

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9 thoughts on “RuneScape Updates

  1. Once I had addicted to MMORPG Angles Online and Ragnarok but lucky I had managed to become a blogger as I spent time for something that usefull. Those game are very addictive.

  2. The game is much more easier on the eyes now! However, the graphics have nothing to do with why I still continue to play RuneScape. The endless skill building and the heavy emphasis of skill over combat is quite enjoyable to me. Most of the MMORPGs now adays are about suping up your weapons and armor and not about becoming a master at various crafts. I also love the light-heartedness of RuneScape and enjoy the humor of certain quests. Its a great game, wonder if I’ll ever ween off it like you did. Doubt it :P.

  3. Yeah, The game was not so much fun before. I love playing it now on the full screen mode after the 3d has come

  4. Yeah, Runescape has improved tremendously! I think Runescape players should be proud of themselves, and be Runescape players in real life! My blog, How to be a Runescape Player is dedicated to helping Runescape players use their skills to improve their lives in the real world!!!!

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    1. Most of the MMORPGs now adays are about suping up your weapons and armor and not about becoming a master at various crafts

  5. Runescape is probably the best browser based MMO,
    and full HD makes it more enjoyable

  6. I used to play and never made anymoney, and it got boring, so i quit.
    Though i found this site which says you can make 1 mill a day, and it seems legit, so i may start playing again! ;D

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