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Tonight I will make a silent and personal petition to WordPress to remove all permalinks options except the extended date one [/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/]. I use Google everyday, tens of times, to find stuff I need or I don’t need. Sometimes I look for news or updated information on some particular subject. What if I find an article on some blog with the URL address like Wouldn’t it be helpful if the address would have been

Maybe there is another possibility. Google might add a “indexed on 15.01.2005” feature. So I can skip those results. Or add an advanced search option like a date range, something like last 30 days, last 6 months, and so on.

I’m mad at these features lacking from Google. I hope WordPress will add the extended date permalink structure as the default structure. I know that some Apache servers might lack the mod_rewrite function for URLs, but let’s work together and improve the search algorythm and unify the WordPress blogs’ structure.

Thank you for listening to my petition.

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3 thoughts on “Searching Date Petition

  1. Why should wordpress remove a function. Google is in charge of the search results, they are making money from search, so let them handle this request. What’s the point in removing a useful feature?

  2. Maybe they should make the extended date the default one and write “(recommended)” next to it. Didn’t you ever have this problem? Searching something and having to visit the page to see how recent or how old it is?

  3. Whoever has to do it, let them do it. This is indeed a very real frustrating problem that needs to be addressed. I hope that both are listening.

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