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After a while, about 6 months, of blogging about food recipes, I realized what a huge potential niche it was. But it actually took 6 months to get its place in Google, because of the competition that was already there.

I now have over 1000 recipes on this Romanian food recipes blog, and over 150 recipes on Phancee Recipes blog. The latter still does not have a consistent theme to attract, however it hosts some great recipes, as some friends told me.

So, it’s first build the content, and later build the theme.

Passive income comes from AdSense and smart placed ads inside articles. using some plugins for ad targeting, the ads make full use of their contextual advertising power.

So, what’s the secret? Writing, passion, writing and writing. Do not worry TOO MUCH about Google, about rankings, about traffic, and all. Just build it and they will come.

After a while of blogging and more than, let’s say, 500 posts (this could be different according to your niche – you could even have to do it after the first 10 posts), should you dig deeper into optimization, traffic analysis and backlinking.

Other than that, let the internet do what it has to do. Your blog will eventually generate the first passive income. And even the first cents are a sign of a future success.

For further optimization and advanced tips and tricks, read the Butterfly Media Romania Blog articles.

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5 thoughts on “Secret To Passive Income

  1. Very good article, I like the way you put it. It really is hard when first starting to blog, but over time, you start to see things happen. It is just a shame that a lot of people throw in the towel right before they would had some success.

  2. I decided not to throw in the towel and see how far can I go, and how much can I earn before turning blogging and web entrepreneurship into a full-time job.

    It’s damn true it takes time, and patience, and a LOT of work, but hey, this is what I like to do. Why quit it?

  3. I’m almost quit to try to make money online two month ago. But, I’m still trying, trying, and trying. Finally I figured between $2-$5 /day :)

    Yeah, this good enough for me. Hope this will increase.

  4. Hi, Great blog, but i have serious doubts on Ad sense, When can i apply Ad sense for my blog, from the first post of having atleast 100 – 200 fresh contents. I prefer the 2nd option. so if you can spare just two min to visit my site and give me some tips that would be great.



  5. The key to having a success is by focusing on a niche. My blog is called It caters for ladies and young girls with large feet. Whilst there are zillions of shoe blogs out there, my blog is one of the very few and the very first in the UK to cater for women and young girls with large size feet.

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