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The dream of every web entrepreneur (read blogger) is making money online. If the income is passive, while I drink a beer, it’s for the better.

That’s why I decided to increase my self-sufficient web sites. I now have a politics RSS news aggregator portal, a Romanian recipes blog with a projected count of 3000 recipes, so far only 130 – but I’m adding more as you read this article. I have an online Flash games web site, something like the smallest toe of MiniClip. There are also a job intermediate web site, where navigators (real, seawolves, navy,) join and add their profiles, and soon a blog network web site (the details are still fuzzy – a fellow blogger had this idea).

These websites, if properly optimized and promoted shall bring me the money I need, without me doing any maintenance work. Or at least that’s my plan for 2008. I would like to expand these network to 10 self-sufficient web sites. I will keep you posted.

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5 thoughts on “Self-Sufficient Sites And Passive Income

  1. Good thinking. I wish you all the very best.

  2. Sounds like a great plan. The more solid the plan, the better you’ll do.

  3. That passive income is nice! You seem to be doing well, keep it up!

  4. Having about 20 websites ranking well and earning a passive income is my dream as well. Its tough, but hope to get here in a couple of years.

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