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There are many ways to build links discussed around the web, there have been articles showing 101 ways to build links, 200 ways, etc.

What most people need is not a HUGE list of link building techniques but only the most valuable techniques/the most simplified techniques. The 5 best styles of links may be found based upon :

  1. High Relevance
  2. High Linkabilty/Viral Content
  3. High Authority
  4. High Traffic
  5. and maybe even High PageRank

A webmaster/blogger who pays attention to their blog content, updating and fixing old posts, is one who cares about their blog and their blog’s content. Google’s PageRank algorithm tests to see how often a web page is updated and the length of time between changes in a blog post’s content.

Here are some tips to help revitalize your old posts for your readers, as well as to help your search engine page ranking.

Networking is easily the most beneficial skill that a blogger could have. Some people were worried about approaching other bloggers, and wondered how to create relationships, and begin networking.

It is as simple as this: they are not celebrities, they are regular people. To get to where they are now, they had to learn how to network. If you take the time and effort to network as well, there is no reason why you can’t build your profile up online.

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