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SEO or redesign? This questions troubled me for a while now. As the majority of my blogs are fully SEOed, either by SEO plugins, backlinks, valid sitemaps and more, I needed a change, a refresh. So I decided to change some things.

The official Butterfly Media Romania web site features WordPress and has the same theme as the blog. Identity, right? Theme consistency. I wouldn’t want to fool my readers. I will keep updating my scripts and my WordPress themes on the main site, just like on the blog.

The Butterfly Media Romania theme (both the web site and the blog) will get a major overhaul in the following days, for more stability, validity, faster loading times and less cluttering.

I will also dig a little deeper into affiliate marketing, but that’s another story in another evening.

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5 thoughts on “SEO Or Redesign?

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading all your link building posts.

  2. When you own or run a Blog you get bored of your own themes really easily, considering those that use WordPress/Movable Type/etc can tell immediately what platform someone is using just from the design. The second I created my last WordPress theme I got bored of it the second I had finished.

    I think SEO and Redesigns are two entirely different subjects. One is for search engines and one is for your users, albeit a redesign can definitely cover both aspects well.

  3. They are indeed different subjects, but when you run out of all SEO possibilities, and you have a web site, let’s say, 2 years old, all you have left is a major redesign. Your visitors will welcome it, and will join it. I’m speaking actually of a web site of mine, hence I got the idea of this article.

    The web site has now more visits than before, and I got some pretty good spikes the other days.

  4. You should not worried about redesign if you had a nice traffic, SEO will come later after that. You should make a poll to see the result.

  5. SEO is prefer by many online doing marketing website and definitely help to optimize the site for more visibility and retention level.

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