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Client Onboarding Questionnaire

Fill in the form below so we can assess the initial workflow, amount of work per day/week/month and generate a personalized quote.

If necessary, we are happy to sign an NDA to get access to answers these questions. We also understand your company policy may not allow certain information requested here to be shared with third party vendors. The more information we can get, the better able we’ll be to work closely with you to generate results in line with your objectives, but we will be satisfied with whatever information we can get if it’s not possible to get everything we would like to.

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As soon as you are able and if using any of the below:

  1. Can you grant full access to your website’s FTP account and/or create an administrator account on your CMS or publishing platform?
  2. Can you grant full access at the account level in Google Analytics to
  3. Can you grant full access to your Google Search Console account to
  4. Can you grant full access to your Google Tag Manager account to
  5. Can you grant full access to your Bing Webmaster Tools account to
  6. Can you grant full access or invite to any other marketing tools you are using (e.g. Hotjar)?
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