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I started a new project yesterday, and it’s all about desktops. I’ll show your desktop and you’ll show mine. It’s actually a show off of graphics, icons, wallpapers, apps and everything that lies on one’s desktop. At the end of January, the best desktop screenshot, as voted here, will be displayed here.

Yes, links could also be available, so it’s a nice promotion initiative.


The desktop will be hosted on cgButterfly, my graphics related forum. Either you register and add your desktop screenshot in the specially created category, or post a link here and I’ll do it for you.

Happy Print Screening!

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5 thoughts on “Show Me Your Desktop

  1. Is it bad that I just don´t know how to make a desktop more interesting? My desktop is cluttered and very rarely used apart from when opening firefox! The competition sounds great though – just a shame I´m not adventurous enough with computeres to take part. I recently saw something on the tv – it was like an internet desktop which you could access from any computer – it sounds like a good idea!

  2. Why not participate? Show us your desktop.

    EDIT: Did you see my desktop? The icons are so NOT arranged. Doesn’t matter.

  3. Great idea to share and gain more popularity. I have to prepare my desktop. hope I can manage and make theme nice

  4. That’s great. I posted a screenshot from work where I’m using a dual screen system. Right now I’m trying to convince a friend to post a Mac screen.

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