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I like this term, “Signature Marketing”. I started using signatures in forums years and years ago, using simple messages or quotes. A while later, I found out what SEO was, and I added my web site link to all forum signatures. Right now, a strategy I’ve discovered (and also takes more time) is signature context changing.

What I mean here is, if you change your signature on a forum where you have already posted, let’s say, 100 articles, your signature will change on all posts. And ta-daaa, your new web site or blog or article is promoted without writing a single article. but for this to happen, you need to keep tracking of the forums you commented, and the current signature on each of them. I use Butterfly Organizer to keep track of my forums’ accounts.

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3 thoughts on “Signature Marketing

  1. You have to be careful when using this technique. Changing the signature means that you get let’s say 100 new backlinks for your new website but … you lose 100 backlinks for your old website.

    It’s better if you can add instead of replace. Of course if the space allocated for the signature allows you to do it ;-)

  2. Yes, you are right, but this way, you can promote a new site or article for a month of two, and then revert your signature, as the new site/article is now popular enough to get links on its own.

  3. Chip, I don’t think that this technique is quite good in terms of SEO, but if you talk about traffic only, well, this techique is really good! SEO being an action whose final goal is to get traffic, at the end of the day the technique you shown in your post … rocks :-)

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