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We all hate spammers. And many of us wonder how do they do it. Certainly they don’t sit in front of a computer day and night and spam, spam, spam. No. We all know there are specialized software to do this. Let’s take a look at one of this automation tools, called Xrumer (Xrumer on Wikipedia).

I do not recommend the use of such automation tools, as they are a black hat technique for SEO and your web site will get banned from the major search engines.

See the movie!

Source: SEOPedia.

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3 thoughts on “Spammers in Action

  1. The best rule of thumb, if you want to be a sucessful blogger: write the sources of your articles. Or write “via”.

  2. Was just a judgement call and a friendly call to action for the future. I actually read your blog, and I linked to you from my blogroll for some time now.

    Have fun writing :)

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