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I have some time off after my day job, and, as I get really tired, I try to read something. I got some new books, and some old ones (but good enough to be read again, and again). It’s Serge Brussolo, a french short story SF writer. But it’s pretty twisted. I like his books, he’s REALLY good at descriptions. I have a queue for this week of:

  • Melon Death
  • Skeleton Doctor
  • Iron Carnival
  • The Pack
  • Ice Avenue

I also grabbed some H.P. Lovecraft mythos books, but they’ll have to wait until next months, as I have some web sites to update.

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4 thoughts on “Spare Time Reading

  1. I love short stories! I was trying to learn french last year, so I bought a book of short stories to help me learn. They are from Penguin Books, but the stories were by well-known writers and were classically written. There were, sadly, no pictures though, which is a shame… I wish there were pictures in every book.. it definately helps the imagination!

  2. Short stories are fun. There are endless short stories in Poland but the only problem is there are no translations. The best are about highwaymen! Regards!

  3. I have been trying to find some good books to read so I am glad that I have come across your blog. I have never heard of Serge Brussolo, but I will give anything a try. Is there any authors that you would recommend? Thanks.

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