Page Speed Monitoring & Tracking How fast does your website load?

Use SpeedFactor to track your website. It’s simple and reliable.
Track your performance over time. We'll test your page on a schedule and keep track of how it's doing.

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SpeedFactor - Track Your Website

Take SpeedFactor for a full-featured test drive with a 30-day free trial.

Measure your most important business metrics

Know how long it takes for your site to connect and for each part of your page to load. See metric evolution over time.

SpeedFactor - Business Metrics
SpeedFactor - Performance Evolution

See how your site performance evolves over time

Are you doing any SEO work or changing your site's structure? Track the impact of code changes between deploys and act accordingly.

See the performance impact of ads and third parties

The scripts and stylesheets that come with ads, analytics, and social widgets can slow down your site. To help identify this issue, we created third-party charts to show you where your roadblocks are.

Debug performance issues

Find and fix what matters most. Along with Google's Lighthouse & PageSpeed Insights audits, we'll show you a curated list of performance rules.

SpeedFactor - Performance Impact

See the performance impact of stylesheets and scripts

See exactly how many stylesheets, scripts, images and videos are loaded on the page, how big they are and how long it takes.

Get alerted on website speed, the total number of bytes, and weekly reports

Alerts are a vital tool in your web performance toolbox. They take the hassle out of monitoring your site by notifying you when your most important metrics cross a defined threshold.

SpeedFactor - Uptime Notifications
SpeedFactor - Performance & Security

Run automated web performance and security tests

SpeedFactor uses a custom-tailored Simulated User Monitoring audit, testing for raw data related to pageload timing and loads your website including all its elements—exactly like your users load it. By monitoring your site daily, you build a detailed picture of your website performance, and you'll spot peaks in load times immediately.

How does SpeedFactor work?

Unlimited Automated Page Speed Monitoring & Tracking, Security Tracking & Performance Timing

  1. The latest Google Lighthouse API, an automated tool for improving the quality of web pages, will audit your site for metrics like first paint and time to interactive to determine lag.
  2. A custom-tailored Simulated User Monitoring audit, testing for raw data related to pageload timing, such as connection, redirection and many other metrics.
  3. SpeedFactor will then save all this data and show its progress in a daily chart. This is useful for event monitoring and for experimenting with various site features, content management systems, cache systems, database queries and resource requests
  1. SpeedFactor helps you identify potential for improvement by automatically creating audits, reporting and sending it to you regularly via email.
  2. SpeedFactor uses Google's own technology and sees your page as Google sees it.
  3. SpeedFactor analyzes web pages automatically and continuously and translates the technical findings into summaries, charts and clear tasks.
  4. SpeedFactor can perform an unlimited number of audits per day - automated every day and when needed at the touch of a button.
  5. SpeedFactor is integrated with industry leading services to help automate operations and efficiency.
  6. SpeedFactor is made in ☘️ Ireland.
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