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Need help deciding?

Q Is there any charge related to my account?
A No. There are no costs associated to having an account with us.

Q How do I pay for products and/or services?
A We offer payment by PayPal, Stripe, or credit card.

Q Will I be charged setup, cancellation or support fees?
A No. There are no additional costs beyond the selected products and/or services.

Q Is my data secure and your service reliable?
A Yes. We offer SSL encryption to protect the communication between your browser and the web site while you are logged in.

Q Do you have a refund policy?
A Yes. If the item is broken, malfunctioning or not as described. You also have the possibility of raising a dispute if you disagree with our decision. We will first try to fix your product on a high priority basis.

Q Do you offer any perks?
A Yes. We offer loyalty points, loyalty discounts, regular campaigns and more!