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Did you know that computer monitors, TV sets, and other electronic equipment that allows stand-by functioning still consume 45% out of the energy they would normally consume when switched on?

This is a fact, and I know it for a while, but today I decided to test it at home. So, I guess I’ll let you know the real life result next month.

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3 thoughts on “Switch It Off!

  1. hi Chip,
    I am under the impression that newer TVs and other electronics are much better at using less power when they are “turned off”, but the only way to have them use NO power is to pull the plug. I’ll be interested to see what your “real world” testing shows. ~ Steve, show booths

  2. I always leave my computer turned on, and I leave it on overnight, although sometimes I have been questioning how much the energy bill runs up when I do this. I hope you post your results!

  3. now a day all product are working electronic equipment.electricity is not there all work is is very informative .thank u for sharing.

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