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So you’re new to the whole Adsense Experience, that’s okay, everyone was a newbie once. You’ve got to start somewhere. Here are a few tips and suggestions for people who are either about to embark on their Adsense adventure or who have just set sail.

Don’t make a site about Adsense. You know very little. And in the process of trying to learn you are of course going to websites trying to find out more. In the search for your adsense knowledge how would you feel if you stumbled on a site like the one that YOU have made? By a rank amateur. Who is just regurgitating what everyone else has said. In the process of reguritating it it is also being watered down. Also the Adsense Newbie who makes a site about Adsense is probably gathering information from other sites made by Adsense Newbies. They have haven’t digested it properly and you are unable to discern what is worth reading and what is not.

Don’t strive to be an Adsense Expert for the sake of being an Adsense Expert. When you’re making enough money to live on comfortably to give you the lifestyle you believe you deserve, then you can be an expert who writes e-books, talks at seminaros or publishes their methods. Until then we’re all learning. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other.

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