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Today is a sad day for me.  I’ve made the tough decision to shutdown BlogRush.  There’s just something that stinks about seeing one of your babies (i.e. ideas) end up failing.

This is what John Reese said 2 days ago. I had some success (i.e. some post syndicated very well with BlogRush) with my blog. It’s said indeed, it was a nice service, an advertising opportunity.

When BlogRush launched in late-2007 it spread like wildfire all over the Web.  Thousands of bloggers were talking about it and the service exploded to become one of the fastest growing free services in the history of the Web.  During the first year of the service it successfully served 3.4 Billion blog post headlines and the BlogRush widget could be found on blogs all over the world; even up until the moment we closed down the service.

BlogRush didn’t grow without its fair share of problems — from security issues to abusive users trying to ‘game’ the system to much lower click-rates than expected.  We also had some problems with trying to fairly control the quality of the network, and in the process made many mistakes in deciding what blogs should stay or go.  All of these issues, ultimately, limited the service’s full potential.

Our team worked very hard to try and build a service that would truly help bloggers of all sizes get free traffic to their blogs.  This was our primary focus.  Not once did we ever try to monetize the service with ads or anything else.  BlogRush never made a single penny in revenue.  We wanted to be able to help our users FIRST and then worry about monetizing the service later.

Unfortunately, the service didn’t work out like we had hoped.

Source: John Chow and John Reese’s Blog.

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One thought on “The Death Of BlogRush

  1. I really think BlogRush was great for the time it was around. Its a shame and I’m sure will be missed. Thanks for the good time though!

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