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Haven’t read a book in a while, but I remember I have read lots of them when I was a child. And I enjoyed science fiction. Just like a regular boy. My favourite authors were Serge Brussolo (Broselot), N. Lee Wood, and others. I surely held some great books in my hands years ago.

That’s why I decided to buy one of my favourite books, Faraday’s Orphans.

When Berk Neilson, a helicopter pilot, becomes stranded on the Outside, he finds himself at the mercy of the burning sun and dangerous clans. What he doesn’t expect to encounter is a companion–a wild young girl who calls herself Saydonya–and the freedom he never realized he desired.

That’s a short description, brings back memories. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to read it as the online industry eats up all my time.

Other books I’ve purchased in the last 6 months are the Smashing Book, brought by Smashing Magazine, an excellent read on web accessibility, best practices and design. The other one is The Day of the Dragon, a WarCraft fiction book.

Serge Brussolo est un écrivain français de science-fiction, de fantastique, de thriller et de roman historique né le 31 mai 1951 à Paris.

Described as a gothique-romantique writer, Serge Brussolo wrote more than 200 short novels.

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