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In the past few months, there have been some events that have occurred which causes the blogs to talk about – and I mean every single blog. To name a few examples, the PageRank update, Widgetbucks, Blogrush.

As a reader, it gets boring reading the same thing over and over again. But, as a blogger, you have to share the news with your readers, even if all the popular blogs have gotten to it first. This is really painful to do because you know that everyone already knows about it!

So, here are some tips to apply when writing about the newest hype.

Include some screenshots

Most people that blog about the newest hype just worry about getting that content out there as fast as they can – usually to get what referrals they can before it’s old news. Add some screenshots of the website, features, your stats, etc. That way it looks more like a review and not just a blatant advertisement. They’ll feel like they’re taking a tour, and that’s what you want. Later on, they will include your screenshots in some of their articles.

Use your attitude

People come to read your blog because you provide interesting content, and they like the way you lay things out. Don’t change the way you write that review. Play it cool, and lay it out the way you would for any post. Whether it’s humorous, negative, or just making everything simple and to the point – you need to stick it in your hype post.

Give a personal opinion or thought

Nothing convinces a reader more than proof that this new fad works (or fails!). If this thing is giving you want you want – whether it be traffic, backlinks, money, or something else- than tell your readers this thing is really working and they should jump on it immediately so that you can earn from them too they can benefit from it too. If the hype is just a scam or not working the way it’s supposed to be, warn your readers and show them proof.

Twist it around

Stab it, and twist it around and around. Everyone who reviews this hype is going to just lay it out from top to bottom. Instead, try tackling it from a different perspective. This can be tricky to do, but when done correctly it’ll stand out from other reviews.

Get it too early or get it too late

But do not get to it when everyone else does. If you’re one of the first ones to write about it, you’re bound to be the first ones to reach your readers. If you miss getting the news out early, than wait until no one else is talking about it to bring it up again. That way you can include a personal testimonial and even add new information such as updates, bug fixes, or changes made.

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