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A question arose the other day when a user wanted to restrict size of images uploaded by his authors. Some of them did not have any image editing skills, and some of them uploaded images straight from the camera, sometimes exceeding a resolution of 4k. Based on personal preference, I recommended one of these two plugins.

The difference between them is that the “before upload” part is done via the browser and depends on the operating system and how modern the browser is. It requires server bandwidth.

The “after upload” part requires lots of server space, as the image is uploaded, shrank and inserted into the post/page. Thus, the site does not require so much bandwidth when displaying the images.

The plugins are not related, they are not developed by the same author, and I only recommend one of them, not both at the same time.

What is the recommended plugin?

The recommended┬áplugin is one or more WordPress plugins that had a great impact on one of my sites or a client’s site. Sometimes I find a useful plugin I want to share, or I discover a different use for a new or popular plugin. All reviews are personal.

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