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The following post is a paid review, however, I’ve been missing such a top. The Web Hosting Guide researches hundreds of web hosting sites and builds a top 10. With a powerful search engine and a specialized help center, one can find the perfect host for one’s needs.

Also, if you have a hosting company, you can add it to the database, an it will get reviewed, and soon it will appear in the search results. I’ve been browsing it for a while and found that my host dropped from the first place a year ago. I will have to check out the first 5 results to see if they’re worth it. I’m using dedicated reseller hosting, and my current host is the only one on the Web Hosting Guide, so I guess it’s the most reliable.

The resources section includes some great blogs and knowledge sites. There is a lot to learn about web hosting, and I’m sure more will be added in the future. I signed up on the newsletter to receive news and updates. It’s always beneficial to be updated when talking about hosting. In these crisis times, hosting should be at least reliable.

I’ve noticed some outdated links on their site but overall, I’m happy I ran into it. I found some info about adult hosting. I’ve got a lot of questions about this kind of legal adult hosting, and surely I will request more info from the listed hosts.

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36 thoughts on “Top 10 Web Hosting Sites

  1. The best hosting is a friend with a server. I get free space, the best kind of space. It’s fast too. Regards!

  2. now a days lots of webhosting company available in market it been hard to choose perfect one , list of such site quite helpful to decide perfect choice.

  3. Yeah it’s hard to make decisions with hosting. These are great resources to make it easier but ultimately there is some trail and error.

  4. i have take 4 web hosting from go daddy site and i think it is provide good service but i have taken domain name from another site

  5. I glad you added the reliability factor in this post. Yes some hosts rank better sometimes but the consistently top hosts are the ones that to me are the best.

  6. If you are serious about websites either for personal or your business, don’t go to free web hosting as they are usually not reliable and you may end up losing all your hard work.

  7. You are right. And not only they are not reliable, they don’t look good for SEO either.

  8. Unfortunately even though they say “Unlimited” towards the bandwidth and the disk space usage, if you go over their own hidden “limits” most of the companies will cut your service :(

  9. Thanks for suggesting a hosting service. It’s hard to find a good one these days because there are so many hosting companies now.

  10. This post is really effective and more informative about ‘Web Hosting’. Thanx for sharing it ;-)

  11. I want to know more bout legal hosting.. and how can we find adult hosting?

  12. I’m mostly take both domain and hosting form different to company to avoid fraud but thank for you post because it will be so helpful for me

  13. I am used Go daddy for both domain and web hosting i haven’t face any problem but i thing this list is better than other thank for this post i will use it next time

  14. What was your experience with Crayonhost? Do you mind sharing it with us?

  15. With the accessibility and affordability of many web hosting programs available nowadays, free web hosting should not even be a consideration for someone who is serious about their website. Not only is it limited in features and bandwidth, it does not look as professional and it does not optimize well for search engine spiders. As society continues its trend towards Internet communities and e-commerce, web site hosting will get even cheaper and easier.

  16. Thanks for reviewing web hosting companies. I’m always on the lookout for a good hosting company since it’s good to know who is reliable just in case you need to switch providers or if you’re making a new site.

  17. Web site hosting is a different service are in abundance (just look around) and it is very competitive, because it takes little effort to move your site elsewhere in the world. Look for “own domain name” option in the hosting plans.

  18. Well its quite nice information related to web hosting. Web hosting is very famous service and go daddy is one of the best hosting provider..

  19. there are a lot of hosts out there and most of them have reliability and speed issues but a few of them are pretty good. even the ones that aren’t great are usually sufficient.

  20. When you choose a dedicated web server to host your sites yo have to pay attention to a lot of things indeed. But the main concern in my point of view is the up time which should be over 99.9% especially if u are running an e-comerce site! Things like disk space and bandwidth should be taken in consideration last. There should also be a good raport between the price you pay and the services you receive in exchange!
    The rule that someone mentioned “u get what u pay for” is applied only in a small number of companies that provide web hosting and this is very sad. So be carefull when you choose a web hosting service!

  21. Many renowned web hosting resources are available on the internet. Go Daddy has earned tremendous popularity in the past 2-4 years.

  22. When you are looking for a web hosting provider, there are many things need to weigh up. The following 6 factors are most important.

    * Price
    * Money back policy
    * Hosting features
    * Customer support
    * Free domain name
    * Bandwidth usage

  23. why didnt I came to your blog earlier :( now I have hosted my blog at some webhost provider website :(

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  25. Thanks for the hosting info. Its always good to get an additional resource when it comes to hosting.

  26. Hi Chip, thanks for the information about web hosting company, i was searching for the same solution & finally i found u….thx :)

  27. Nice Sharing…. now its easy for all to choose there host.

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