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Top 12 Blogs
What’s your top 12 blogs? What are you interested in when you read another blog? Is it the information? Or the quality? Or the links? Or just the fact that you consider the author trustworthy?

Let me post my top 12 blogs, my main source of inspiration and information on a daily basis:

I did not formatted this list into an ordered list, as some of them are equal in value and content. It’s just my opinion and my top. There are many more valuable bloggers, but this post dealt with just my top 12.

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4 thoughts on “Top 12 Blogs

  1. Why am I not on this list?

    :P kidding.

    John C(h)ow is quite amusing to read as well, and problogger has invaluable tips that have greatly helped me develop my blog.

    I’ll have to check out some of the other blogs you put up on there. They sound interesting.

  2. I like dosh dosh also..
    And problogger..

    And i am wishing that someday my blog will be like them..:)

    Try to visit it and leave some comments or reviews about my blog..:)

    [URL=””]Thoughts of a Blank Mind- Anything Goes

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