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I continued my experiment with Top Commentators and it paid off. Backlinks came pouring from everywhere, just like the rain yesterday.

It was a big decision. I had to keep my comments within limits, help people, write advice, write my opinions, agree and disagree with other commentators, and so on. Soon, it became piece of cake. I started to know the author’s style, some of the people commenting were the same, and I was saying jokes, or disagreeing with some commentators.

The experiment is not finished yet, I still have a long list with blogs to comment on. You should give me your blogs’ links to comment on. I just don’t promise anything if this list becomes huge.

I have a question. The Top Commentators plugin resets itself usually every month. Should I keep it like this or should I increase or decrease the reset frequency?

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8 thoughts on “Top Commentators Experiment Taken Further

  1. Thank you for your advice. I will keep the limit to 1 month as it is right now.

  2. Nice article, you’ve inspired me to do the same!
    I think you should keep the pluging reset time the same for now, since the number of comments is not very high, and it’s easy for anybody to get on the list. But if in the future you will have lots of comments, and let’s say the people on your list will each have over 10 comments or more, than it becomes intimidating for newcommers to aspire to a place there. So depending on the number of your comments, I think you should make that decision later. For now, I think it’s fine like that.

  3. I personally don’t think that you should reset it at all as that would then take away the rewards to those that helped you in the beginning.

    If anything it will help you to get even more comments as people who are new to your blog will see that they have a long way to go!

    I run a forum where we have a ranking system in place, but rather than reset the ranks I keep them. What I have found is that newcomers will post a lot so they can start to catch up with those that have been there longer.

  4. That’s an interesting point of view. But how would a newcomer feel if he saw a top commentator having, let’s say, 150 comments? Would he comment 151 times? How much value would his comments have? What about a 2 year blog with 200-300 comments?

  5. Regarding reseting your counter, I think it depends on how many comments you’re receiving, as Anca says.

    Warhammer’s point is interesting – I’m not sure how you might guage the pros/cons of a loyal commenter base vs. winning new commenters. I wonder if reseting the counter might encourage better comments – if someone has to make 151 comments, they’re not going to be of a very high quality!

  6. Yeah,

    I tried this myself and after about 2 month i now have number one rank on google for a 1 word keyword and 6000 links showing on yahoo to the site.

    Having a side wide link on a big blog can really generate massive links.

    It has to be a constant activity though cos most of this sites reset the widget monthly and this can cause a constant drop in rankings and backlinks.


  7. As you can see, I’ve been commenting on your blog for months now but I found it really frustrating that some people just target being the top commentators which now makes me keep reading more of your interesting post to be able to add value by expressing my opinion. The one month frequency can really have its disadvantages but in a way good so you can see who comes back or not.
    Leave it like it is for now. lets see those who love your site. lol

  8. Well, thank you for being a loyal reader, and commenting to express your opinion and not only for being a top commentator. I was kind of lazy lately and I did not write as frequent as before, but I hope I’ll recover the handicap as soon as possible.

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