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I’m doing a little experiment these days. I decided to share my opinions with the world. That is commenting on other blogs. I decided to be a top commentator.

Well, the last one was easy, but that’s not the point. I offered my legitimate opinions, did not spam, did not provide links or URLs. Just want to see how much link love I can get in a short period of time. I will repeat this with other blogs having a “Top Commentators” section, and do this every month. Feel free to participate on my blog, too.

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16 thoughts on “Top Commentators Experiment

  1. It’s funny how you see the same names appearing on blogs with Top Commentator plug-ins.

    The key, like you say, is making genuine posts and not the typical “Nice post” that you see all too often.

    If you make a positive contribution, the blog benefits and you get a bit of link love in return. Win, win!

  2. You are definitely right. I tried to share my opinion, and if I couldn’t come up with something, I tried to find other article to comment.

  3. Among the more annoying comments, the “nice, cool etc” comments are to be discounted. Quite how can one do this? Otherwise, the blogger and the commentator must gain something from each other, failing which, this is a useless exercise.

  4. It’s nice when sites have a top commentators list. It can encourage more discussion. I agree that a simple “nice post” is a useless comment.

  5. I agree that useful posts are necessary, really frustrates me when people just leave one word answers. I’d like to say that this blog is really good, got some great topics that I’m finding interesting so no doubt I’ll be up in the top commentators list here, hopefully people find my comments interesting as well as useful :)

  6. Good idea on the top commentators drive. I’ve started doing it too and whould like to invite you to become one of mine!

  7. Thanks Nate, will have a look at yours too !

  8. Hey, Chip! Thank you so much for commenting! You’re the first Romanian blogger I came across. And I’m happy I did. You’re doing a great job, I stumbled you and reviewed you, and I’ll be showing you some more love soon :) I’m currently trying your method of commenting as well, having chosen a few blogs that I really enjoy and read every day.

    Numai bine si tinem legatura!

  9. This is a great idea! I will try to do the same. This is an excellent way to promote your blog. Comments are fun, they build community, they let you express your opinion, and they give you ideas for new blog posts. Keep up the good work, Chip!

  10. I’ve just started thinking about doing this, indeed that’s how I’ve just stumbled back to your blog – a search for “Top Commentator Blog”, although I’ve been here before. I look forward to exchanging experiences.

  11. Top commentator is a great ways to reward your reader and attract new reader like me. I do some search on google for Top commentator and found your blog.

  12. Congrats on your results Chip,

    I believe this strategy will give you a lot of link love.


  13. We are doing something similar to this. Did you get much of an increase in traffic from the links. As you say, making a positive contribution to sites is more important that commenting just for the sake of getting links. We set up our site as we like reading blogs!

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. Yes, I had an increase from commenting on several big blogs. I wanted a traffic spike, not backlinks, and I got it.

      Let me know when and where you’ll be doing this experiment.

  14. I had good experience so far of making some comments on some top commentators blog, i got extremely fine results.

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