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At a closer look, Twitter seems a mere waste of time.

While smoking 10 cigarettes a day, you waste both money and health. The time and money invested in smoking could be used for running and exercising. Money is saved, and health is restored.

An ugly comparison with Twitter. These days bloggers are compelled to use Twitter in order not to be left behind. It’s a tag above their head saying “I’m writing on Twitter right now”. It could easily become an unbreakable loop.

I noticed people brag themselves with meaningless metrics such as “Twitter followers”. I noticed people following other people based on number of followers.

Twitter is quantity, not quality. I could call Twitter an “immature adolescent plaything”.

There’s an egomaniac making a lot of noise over there, a drama queen behind you, someone boasting about business to a large group of people they just met and someone else having a noisy emotional meltdown in the doorway. That’s what Twitter can be like. (ZDNET)

I’ll still be on Twitter, the only difference is that it’s going to be automatic. I’m using a plugin to post both to the blog and Twitter.

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32 thoughts on “Twitter Fiasco

  1. Twitter is not a waste of time. Yes, it is a fad but it has a value if you can find ways to navigate it easily.

  2. Following the right people, and having the right people following you, you will see the value. I think twitter is best utilized when optimizing your community.

  3. Twitter may be a waste of time but it’s interesting platform to use as a metric for what is popular within the blogosphere right now as It’s a lot easier to quantify all the links etc due the short length of the posts.

    It’s been getting a lot of publicity in the UK as of late. It’ll just burn out soon as the next big ‘thing’ comes along.

  4. I think twitter is still in its baby stages, how it will evolve could rock the foundations of blogging, or get really annoying. only time will tell.

  5. I noticed people brag themselves with meaningless metrics such as “Twitter followers”. I noticed people following other people based on number of followers.

  6. I can see how it is easy to waste time on Twitter. Although it can be a great way to market yourself and your website if used properly.

  7. as i think twitter is difficult or you can say complex to use and hard to remember its working for future. that’s why it is not so popular among users.

  8. I just started using twitter again. I didn’t see a point to it in the first place and still don’t, but I still use it. It is just something to do throughout the day to keep in touch with friends or promote your website. Regards!

  9. Twitter is a mirco-blogging website or you can say social networking sites. Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

  10. I do not have more information about twitter but i wanna to understand it and i glad that i came here for this.

  11. ok yar i am nervous because whenever i comment here it did not live so i decided that now i will not comment here in future but this blog is nice blog.

  12. this is a very beautiful example you have given in comparison with twitter concept….

  13. I think it is not so easy to use the twitter.For me it is not quite so interesting to use but still an interesting blog to watch.

  14. twitter is very hard to use frequently. it has very complex functionalities…. so it should be some bit easy to use.

  15. Twitter is hot in Current, but after few time becomes routine of people and getting bored its just small time hike of social media, in market people everyday want new and fresh so no surprise if really goes fiasco.

  16. Twitter is not a wastage of time.I think twitter is still in its earlier stage, Twitter is a mirco-blogging site! I do not have more information about twitter. Can you provide it to us.

  17. i liked this concept of twitter but did not like twitter because it should not be so difficult to handle.

  18. Furthermore, if you’re part of the security team for a site like Twitter, you should have some kind of basic measures in place to prevent brute force hacking attempts. It’s just common sense.

    GMZ, the hacker who compromised several celebrity accounts randomly targeted “Crystal,” a Twitter user he just thought to be fairly popular, and he hit the jackpot. She turned out to have access to Twitter’s technical tools, and had chosen a password so horribly simple it could have been mentioned in the list from Hackers: happiness.

  19. As everyone says Twitter is not a wastage of time but I think that twitter is still in its earlier stage due to which it looks least useful.

  20. Hi There

    Twitter is not a time waste but it has negitive effects like people do search for the most number of followers its not good and if they dont have any work they do Retweets(RTs) which is not all good practise i learnt a lot on twitter by following people with same ideas and who are experts in a perticular field like matt cutts who is Googler by following him i can learn a lot with out searching for news on bloggs.


  21. I think there are some good uses for Twitter but in general for business it is not that useful. It’s more for staying updated about what other people are doing and saying.

  22. Many users find that twitter is very hard to use frequently. it has very complex functionalities…. so it should be some bit easy to use.

  23. Interesting comparison, I have never been that drawn into twitter, but the people I know who use it would defend it to the end. I personally see it as a waste of time.

  24. I am not really in to twitter but I know many people are. It is something I have been considering lately though. Thats a clever idea with the automatic plugin!

  25. i liked this concept of twitter but its over rated

  26. I actually quite like Twitter, and do generate some traffic via messages I post on there. I have to admit though, it can take over your life if you are not careful!

    It’s hard trying to strike a balance between providing your followers with useful or funny tid bits which draw them to your site, and then completely hacking them off by posting too much, too often etc.

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