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The Christmas holiday is coming fast, and then the New Year, and then comes a “dead” period. This is how we call it. No contracts, no clients, no work. This is the perfect time to work and add more content and value both to your blog and to your readers.

You also have more time to upgrade all your web sites, make them even more SEO friendly, and promote them. This is what I am going to do. Other of my projects include creating more WordPress themes, create even a themes repository (this is still WIP), upgrading my scripts and doing a lot of promotion. It’s time to build some more authority for each of my web sites. I just opened a third web directory, this time it’s for local restaurants, clubs, cafes and casinos. My first local link directory is doing pretty fine, as it has grown to more than 700 quality web sites this year.

Butterfly Media Romania is going to double (at least) its assets in 2009.

Darren Rowse gives some interesting advice for the future, find ways to expand and improve your blog, track your statistics and improve upon them, work hard and work smart, and a few more. I should add check all your income sources and try to improve their placement and their behaviour.

Just keep me posted of what you do and I’ll share with you my progress.

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  1. A good way to improve your blog is to add some plugins that help you manage things. The all in one seo plugin is a must.

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