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All deprecated MySQL queries have been removed and replaced with WordPress specific queries (prepared, 2-argument ones). The actual voting action is now more secure and new features have been added to the log section, such as browser detection (bonus points if you have browscap.ini on your server) and AJAX actions (IP banning and vote removal).

It’s now easier than ever to identify spam votes or repeated votes and ban their IPs.

vote5 WordPress Plugin

Based on 2 years of live testing with a vote-intensive web site, I have implemented lots of checks, some of them active, some inactive to the voting module:

  • IP forwarding check (active)
  • IP proxy port check (inactive, on demand)
  • Consecutive votes for the same item (inactive, on demand)
  • Browser and platform detection (reporting only)
  • Cooldown (active, 15 seconds)
  • Vote status check (active)
  • Ban status check (active)
  • Time period check (active)
  • Cookie check (active)

Some of the checks will be added as togglable options in a future version. Some will become active by default, while others will use AJAX to defer checking for later. A cooldown period of 30 minutes will allow for the votes to be validated. I am still considering a unified database for spam IPs.

Get the new version from CodeCanyon.

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