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I was a little curious and anxious to see the finish of what seemed to be the deal of the century – Microsoft acquiring Yahoo. Well, Yahoo said ‘no’ and the waves calmed down.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “the proposal would see Yahoo hand over its search advertising operation to Google in a deal that could yield Yahoo as much as $1bn in new revenues”. The publication cited anonymous sources within Yahoo corporation as saying that the outsourcing deal had been granted initial approval and will move forward. It is about an advertising deal being pushed by Google.

Since the acquisition offer was first made, some analysts have speculated that Yahoo would seek out a deal with former rival Google in attempt to preserve its independence. Other rumours placed Yahoo in a deal with AOL, the American giant.

You all know what happened when Microsoft made the first offer. We all want to see what the outcome will be, and how Yahoo will preserve its independence. I’d rather see Microsoft gone, than Yahoo. And I’m sure many people would choose Yahoo over Microsoft.

I grew up with Yahoo. Search engine, email, instant messaging. I still use the email and the Messenger. So, Yahoo, keep it up, don’t go with Microsoft.

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One thought on “War Of The Worlds

  1. Chip, the real story is out today. MS is loath to increase the price offer because they anticipate a flood of departures if Yahoo sells off. The low price is the insurance aspect of such an eventuality that MS believes will be almost a certainity.

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