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Web Insights – Your JS/CSS/UI/UX Digest #12

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Our new digest series aims to provide web designers and developers with a single location to discover the latest and most significant stories on the web, while sipping a hot coffee.

If you’re like us, you spend hours every day browsing through hundreds of sites and articles, hoping to stumble across relevant news stories.

We search through hundreds of posts on blogs, social media, and news channels, to deliver the most essential stories of the day. Our content covers quality news, fresh tools and apps, case studies, code demos, inspiration posts, videos and more.

To Type or Not to Type: Quantifying Detectable Bugs in JS
A summary of an academic paper that concludes both Flow and TypeScript are good at preventing bugs that could end up in committed code.
javascript typescript

A Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet
Plenty of JS terminology explained, along with code examples, in this thorough guide.
tutorial javascript

CoffeeScript 2: A New CoffeeScript for the ES6+ Era
This new release of the controversial compile-to-JS language preserves its clean syntax but bridges the gap with ES6 and beyond.
javascript coffeescript

The End of Framework Churn
The CEO of Ionic suggests that incompatibility between component models results in framework churn and that Web Components will provide a resolution.

Top 10 ES6 Features Demonstrated by Example
An example-driven tour of the key features of ES6/ES2015, if you’re not quite there yet.
tutorial javascript

Deploying ES2015+ Code in Production Today
Using the new `script type=”module”` approach gives us some benefits merely beyond loading ES modules alone – it guarantees ES6/ES2015 support.
tutorial javascript

Angular v5 Released
news javascript

Upcoming TypeScript Changes in Vue 2.5

Modern Ways to Use C++ in JavaScript Projects
tutorial javascript

Subclassing Arrays in ES2015
tutorial javascript

U Go Hue Go: Controlling Philips Lights with Angular & Kendo UI
tutorial javascript

billboard.js: A Simple Chart Library Based on D3 V4
v1.1.0 has just been released.

Vuetify: A Material Design Component Framework for Vue.js 2
javascript vue

Dexie 2.0: A Minimalistic Wrapper for IndexedDB
Provides a neater API and error handling for the IndexedDB browser database API.

ngraph.path: Fast Path Finding for Arbitrary Graphs
Demo here.

winamp2-js: A Reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 & JavaScript
‘Whipping the llama’s ass’ with JS. Demo here.
tutorial javascript

Nano Events: A 119 Byte Event Emitter Library

AR.js: Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web

Bosket: Tree View Components for React, Angular, Vue and Riot

Wretch: A Tiny Wrapper Around Fetch with an Intuitive Syntax

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