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The Rupestrian Monuments from Murfatlar-BasarabiThe site’s purpose is digitisation and circulation of Christian national and international monument in Basarabi, as well as the layout of chalk Churches and exposure in a public space.

“Since 1957 summer, the repertory of the early Middle Age monuments on the territory of our country has been completed with an unprecedented discovery – due to its nature – which even from the beginning “made a great sensation and attracted many people in this place”. The Rupestrian Monuments from Murfatlar-Basarabi, as we talk about them, proved to be, by their complexity, multitude of data and aspect etc, an exception bearing a mystical significance not totally read until present.”

The archaeological researches carried on between 1957-1962 (by a team including Ion Barnea (in charge with the site), Petre Diaconu, Adrian Radulescu, Radu Florescu and the architects Virgil and Liana Bilciurescu), brought to light on the north-western side of Tibisir hill, at the south-western border line of Murfatlar-Basarabi, the existence of six small churches, some cells, galleries, houses and graves, all cut in chalk, and, as well, traces of a quarry which functioned, most probably, in the second half of the 10th century AD. Excepting few interruptions, the researches took place in the sixth-seventh decade of the last century and were supported financially by Constanta Regional Council; the researched area covered about 200 x 50m, but unfortunately, without exhausting the whole territory.

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