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What books are you reading?

By books I mean either paper or electronic book. I am trying to learn some new stuff so, these days, I am reading “Winning on the Web: The Executive Pocket Guide to SMARTER MARKETING“. It is a very interesting book with some nice points of view. Let us look at some excerpts:

“Web site analysis is an absolute no-brainer to embark on, but it also creates a hurdle: without relevant information and clear, understandable reports, web site data is like all the books in the library dumped in one big pile on the floor. All the information is there — you just can’t find or use it.


Understanding what to analyze and what actions to take as a result is the new science of the new marketing world. Marketing campaigns today must be designed to be measured, analyzed and iteratively improved. The Web now makes sophisticated analysis much more possible and accessible to marketing organizations of all sizes and budgets.”

I am trying to get more into marketing, especially into online marketing. One of my areas of expertise is television, so, from this point of view, I know how it works. Marketing is simple. Give the client what he/she wants and demand as little money as possible. If there is quality, it’s for the better.

Marketing on the web is highly competitive.

“No other medium measures up to the Web when it comes to measurability. Use it to your competitive advantage. Others are already.”

“The Web is, without a doubt, the most measurable medium. As we have discussed, savvy marketers are realizing the potential that web analytics holds. You can obtain critical insight into your visitors’ interactions with your web site, measure campaign performance, evaluate the effectiveness of your site’s navigation and content and more.


Understanding the quantity of unique individuals who respond to your ads and the paths they take to register, purchase, download or whatever your business scenario—now that’s useful information. You can use the analysis to test messaging, offers, media and other elements within a campaign — all with the intent of optimizing conversion, lowering acquisition costs and increasing ROI.”

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