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I used Windows XP for years more than 8 hours a day, and I got pretty used to it. Servicing and troubleshooting by phone was piece of cake. When the Windows 7 OS took over XP on my notebook, I started noticing features and behaviours that didn’t help me in my quest of taking over the world making things easier for my daily job.

For example, directory browsing is a little jumpy, SHIFT + TAB is the opposite of TAB only sometimes, not always. Also, I can’t record What I Hear, even if the audio adapter allows me to do it, even if Windows XP had no problem with this before. Internet troubleshooting says I need a capable audio adapter, but I don’t have one. Microsoft sucks sometimes. Correct me on sometimes, please.

The Start menu seems a little awkward, but I suppose I’ll get used to it, just like Windows 98 to Windows XP transition. The Run menu is no longer where it used to be, but it’s still accessible via WINDOWS + R keyboard combination. The quick launch bar is there but upon opening shortcuts inside, they disappear. I cannot open two browser windows, because upon opening one, the shortcut icon disappears. Why? I know how to open a new one but it requires a right-click and a left-click.

Windows 7 moved on to becoming a Media station, control panel items are now harder to find, and Windows innards are harder to find and edit.

The idea of prefetching and superfetching is nice, but it’s not tested. Maybe it will be better implemented in a subsequent service pack.

If you don’t agree with what I said, go read my previous article, about what I like in Windows 7.

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