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[PART 2]

1. Install Google Analytics.
2. Install a local/regional traffic/statistics analyzer.
3. Register with as many blog networks as possible.
4. Register with as many blog directories as possible.

Try to stay away from those directories with required reciprocal link, as, in time, you will gather (literally) hundreds of 88×31 buttons that will break your blog XHTML validity and also ruin the design. Not to mention slow loading times.

5. Install a ‘related articles‘ plugin.
6. Promote your RSS feed (visually).
7. Answer to each comment on your blog.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, I don’t do this for each comment as I should, but I am busy with doing this kind of optimization on all my blogs and sites. You try it, too.

8. After reaching 100 RSS feed subscribers, put AdSense on. I use Shylock AdSense for ad management. I also wrote adButterfly for web sites.
9. Keep on writing articles.
10. Keep on commenting (on my blog).
11. Read my blog.
12. Improve.

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3 thoughts on “What I Do When Starting A New Blog

  1. I like “Related Articles” idea. This is a plugin good for keeping the visitor on your blog. I have to install it on my blogs too. As a matter of fact I’m going right now to ask Google where I can get the plugin. If I don’t find it, I’ll come back to bother you :)


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