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At first it seems a complicated and tedious task to accomplish. After a bit of thinking it’s simply common sense. Just like SEO.

In a world of spam sites, MFA and aggregation, a direct, clean and rich marketing campaign has more than 60% chances of success. Why? Because publishers are aware of quality products and services and know one when they see it. While they, themselves, dwell in mediocrity and anonymity.

I’m not going to enter any details regarding a multi-tiered marketing campaign, although, I’m attracted to the idea of an article series concerning this subject.

So, talking about web marketing, it all comes down to quality, usability, validation and standards. There’s no point in inventing or reinventing strategies. Just improve or simplify what works best. And you should try what worked best for you in a previous campaign. Improve in small steps, ask opinions and do a lot of research.

Long-term vs short-term

While short-term campaigns burn out pretty soon after the deadline, without link support from big players, long-term marketing campaigns tend to live on their own and deliver goal after goal a long time after the deadline. It’s because they had teaser campaigns, previews, testimonials, low-level links from forums and blogs, and support from an established homesite.

I guess I’m the only who understands what I’m writing here, so I’ll have to make my point in writing. Keep close and you’ll see what I mean.

EDIT: A few words I’ve missed in this article are target, niche, survey, poll and market analysis. :)

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