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In the midst of a global financial crisis, Google, despite the whole world struggling and stock markets taking a battering, the company still managed to report excellent earnings during a conference call with investors yesterday.

Google Plex is the company’s HQ where all the magic happens. Dubbed by employees “a country itself”, those lucky enough to work for Google enjoy mixing with fellow geeks.

The company lists 10 reasons to work at Google on its jobs page but is modest about the impressive benefits at Google plex.

  • Lend a helping hand. With millions of visitors every month, Google has become an essential part of everyday life – like a good friend – connecting people with the information they need to live great lives.
  • Life is beautiful. Being a part of something that matters and working on products in which you can believe is remarkably fulfilling.
  • Appreciation is the best motivation, so we’ve created a fun and inspiring workspace you’ll be glad to be a part of, including on-site doctor and dentist; massage and yoga; professional development opportunities; shoreline running trails; and plenty of snacks to get you through the day.
  • Work and play are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to code and pass the puck at the same time.
  • We love our employees, and we want them to know it. Google offers a variety of benefits, including a choice of medical programs, company-matched 401(k), stock options, maternity and paternity leave, and much more.
  • Innovation is our bloodline. Even the best technology can be improved. We see endless opportunity to create even more relevant, more useful, and faster products for our users. Google is the technology leader in organizing the world’s information.
  • Good company everywhere you look. Googlers range from former neurosurgeons, CEOs, and U.S. puzzle champions to alligator wrestlers and former-Marines. No matter what their backgrounds Googlers make for interesting cube mates.
  • Uniting the world, one user at a time. People in every country and every language use our products. As such we think, act, and work globally – just our little contribution to making the world a better place.
  • Boldly go where no one has gone before. There are hundreds of challenges yet to solve. Your creative ideas matter here and are worth exploring. You’ll have the opportunity to develop innovative new products that millions of people will find useful.
  • There is such a thing as a free lunch after all. In fact we have them every day: healthy, yummy, and made with love.

The company has 17 different cafeterias which serve gourmet food. All food is complimentary including drinks and snacks which leads to the term “Google 16”, the amount of pounds you put on when you first start working for Google.

At Google Plex there is a state of the art gym, a lap pool, ping pong, beach volleyball and a string of different language classes to brush up on your multi-lingual skills. Employee pets are welcome and Google has supplied a laundry room, concierge, hairdressers and even an on-site doctor. Solar panels, recycled carpets and complimentary public transportation are just some of the “green” practices Google has adopted. Google is so proud of how it treats employees that it even has its own YouTube channel dedicated to life at Google.

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9 thoughts on “Who Wants To Work At Google?

  1. also, i think google allows employees to make time to work for a charitable organization, which i think is great.

  2. Definitely the answer is yes! Everyone wants to work with uncle G :)

  3. The current slowdown of the US economy and the global credit crunch, according to recent reports, may force Google to cut down its workplace freebies. But with or without free lunch, Google remains as Fortune’s Most Desired Company to work for in the US.

  4. Too bad, I don’t live in the US. But they’ll open some offices in Europe, too. Sooner or later, anyway.

  5. I think their higher earnings are a symptom of the economic slowdown. Companies are spending more on advertising to keep their sales up. But yes a Google is a dream employer.

  6. WOW! I knew e-business changed the business model but, WOW! I had heard about the perks of working for Google but they take it to a whole new level!

  7. That sounds like a dream job. And it is great that even during this economic recession that Google is doing so well and able to do so much for their employees. However I doubt that they will be hiring employees in the near future. But one can hope, right? I am dreaming of a sand volleyball game while on a break from work.

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