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It’s a logical question, even rhetorical, but humor me and lets compare a blog with a garden. From its early inception, when you shyly write your first article, you actually plant your first tree. Whether the tree will go high or remain a mere bush, it’s up to you, and your gardening skills. You plant more trees and flowers, and you let people know you have a garden. But, still, no one visits your garden, even if your flowers are the most beautiful.

So, you start spreading the news, and your small garden, carefully taken care of, begins to welcome its first visitors. What happens if your flowers and trees are unique, and very beautiful? Your visitors will come back tomorrow with some friends, and maybe they will even ask you something or make a pretty comment.

What about a small garden with lots of trees and plants and flowers? Visitors will be there, appreciating it, but that’s it. No more first impressions, no more friends, no more comments.

So go ahead and plant a powerful tree, with powerful roots and watch it grow under your very eyes. Grow flowers around it, and wet your garden, and visitors will come see it and enjoy it, and soon, every gardener will be talking about this new garden, and will come and talk and take pictures and talk again. Tonight you’ll be happy, because tomorrow you’ll be expecting more visitors, so your garden must look perfectly. No ads to show how great your garden is, your visitors have their own eyes to see it, no souvenir shops to take advantage of your visitors. Build your audience, talk to them, show them more, thank them for visiting your garden.

Several years from now, you’ll have thousands of visitors, and a large share of them are subscribed to your garden news, waiting to see when that yellow cauliflower will bloom.

Your advantages come later. First it’s your visitors, then it’s your garden. Grow your garden carefully. Grow your trees higher than sky and with roots deeper than earth. Your visitors are waiting. Show them a beautiful garden.

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