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WordPress 2.3 has finally been released. After 3 Betas and one Release Candidate, the WP team gave us a new face of the world’s favourite blogging platform. The Butterfly Media Romania Blog has been updated to 2.3 and is working fine. I’ll be trying out the new features.

If you need help with upgrading, post your questions here. The next few days I’ll be throwing an upgrady party.

So, making long things short, there are only 3 steps to upgrading to 2.3:

1. Backup

1.1. Go to Manage | Export and export your posts and comments as XML
1.2. Copy your WordPress installation in a safe place on your desktop
1.3. Deactivate all your plugins
1.4. Backup your existing database (using phpMyAdmin)

2. Replace files

2.1. Delete everything except your .htaccess, wp-config.php and wp-content folder
2.2. Depending on your preferences do not delete other files such as Google confirmation file, or sitemap.xml, or robots.txt
2.3. Copy all 2.3 files on your server

3. Upgrade

3.1. Point your browser to
3.2. Follow the steps to upgrade the database
3.3. Done. You just have to reactivate your compatible plugins.

Any problems? Post here and I’ll be glad to help.

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2 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3

  1. Here is a list of what’s new and how to deal with it:

    If you are familiar with PHP you should try those things. If not, post here and I will help.

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