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I was playing the other day with the new WordPress 2.3.2 RC1 and I noticed some additions. The first one is about smilies, which can now be converted from :-) and :-P to graphics on display.

Another addition is the new Akismet engine 2.1.3, previously offered as an update. Something new and nice that caught my eye is the “Convert Categories to Tags” option. Not useful for me, but I know a bunch of bloggers who would happily convert all their categories.

I also noticed a new bookmarklet, some graphic rendering errors, and also some small graphic tweaks. Anyway, it’s Release Candidate 1, so it will be a while until the final release. I decided not to look under the hood, but instead check out the repository to see what changes have been made to the code.

This happened yesterday.

Today I noticed that my dashboard offered an upgrade to 2.3.2. This is indeed a nice Christmas present. I upgraded it and everything went smooth.

Read here to see how to upgrade

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