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Hello again, I just updated my blog to version 2.7. The dashboard seems a little bit cluttered, but maybe it’s just me getting used to the new appearance.

I seem to be having an issue with the fonts. I don’t like the combination of sans-serif and serif fonts. I also don’t like italics font. I’m a web designer.

There is a problem which ocurred after the upgrade. A jQuery unresponsive script. The source, as indicated by the browser and the wpTuner plugin, is edit-form-advanced.php in wp-admin folder. The problem ocurred in the Write section and sometimes in the Plugins section. As a result, the drag and drop functionality and several panels were missing.

A rough solution was to edit edit-form-advanced.php like this:

Find these lines:

$metadata = has_meta($post->ID);

and comment them out. It’s unelegant and it might last until the next upgrade, but maybe the WordPress team will fix this problem. If not, you;ll just have to edit this file again and again.

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