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WordPress 3.5 has finally arrived. Scheduled for today, December 10th, WordPress brings a plethora of changes and enhancements.

Elvin JonesHighlights include:

  • New Media Manager
  • New Default Theme – Twenty Twelve
  • Admin Enhancements
  • Developers Updates

For plugins and themes development, here’s a (very) concise changelog:

  • Add ‘order’ to wp_get_archives()
  • Add easier expression of time constants, for example DAY_IN_SECONDS vs 86400
  • Add flexible-header to allowed theme tags
  • Add get() and set() methods to WP_User_Query for modifying query variables the way you might with WP_Query
  • Add publish_post meta capability
  • Add term_taxonomy_id field handling to WP_Tax_Query::transform_query(), resulting in fewer database queries
  • Add two hooks to Post Editing screen, edit_form_after_title and edit_form_after_editor [more info]
  • Allow count_many_users_posts() to count only public posts
  • Allow ordering posts by IDs passed to post__in
  • Allow passing stdClass and WP_User to wp_insert_user() and wp_update_user()
  • Bump default memory limit from 32MB to 40MB
  • Check a post type’s show_in_admin_bar property for ‘View’ and ‘Edit’ object Toolbar links
  • Fix featured image overflowing its meta box in certain situations
  • Fix issue where $format and $link arguments were not being preserved in previous|next_post_link filters
  • Fix issue where get_blog_id_from_url() did not always return an int
  • Fix issue with sideloaded images not making it into the correct upload directories
  • Fix multiple captioned image insertion problems in post editor
  • Fix tax query returning all results when empty
  • Fix the matching in is_email_address_unsafe(), which was too aggressive
  • Give System temporary directories preference in get_temp_dir() for better Windows compatibility
  • Handle https for all oEmbed providers
  • Hide UI for attachment taxonomies if ‘show_ui’ is ‘false’ for that taxonomy
  • Introduce get_edit_user_link() for more direct user-edit links
  • Introduce wp_cache_switch_to_blog() and WP_Object_Cache::switch_to_blog() to more efficiently switch the cache to a new blog id
  • Introduce clean_blog_cache()
  • Introduce wp_checkdate()
  • Introduce WP_Image_Editor class, abstracting GD from core, and introducing Imagick support [more info]
  • Introduce wp_prepare_attachment_for_js()
  • Introduce wp_send_json()
  • Introduce wp_send_json_success()
  • Introduce wp_send_json_error()
  • Introduce is_ms_switched()
  • Introduce wp_get_mime_types()
  • Introduce wp_oembed_remove_provider()
  • Introduce wp_clean_themes_cache()
  • Introduce set_url_scheme()
  • Make get_home_path() work in more cases by being case insensitive and sanitzing Windows paths
  • Make sure attachment_fields_to_edit() returns term slugs not term names
  • Multisite: Allow home page of sub-directory sites to resolve regardless of capitalization
  • Multisite: Introduce get_space_used() and upload_is_user_over_quota() for more gauging more accurate quotas
  • Multisite: Make it easy to replace or augment the over-quota message
  • No markup is output if wp_nav_menu() has no menu items
  • Prevent child pages and child categories from being visually promoted when using Quick Edit
  • Remove upload_path, upload_url_path options from the Media Settings screen, assume they are set to default values
  • Return WP_Error object if the database insert in wp_set_object_terms() fails
  • Simplify protocol stripping in add_query_arg() by avoiding a regular expression
  • Soft-deprecated CUSTOM_TAGS in favor of wp_kses_allowed_html(), adds support for rel attributes
  • supports => false can be passed to register_post_type() to disable default title and editor
  • Trim incoming searches on the users list table
  • Welcome Panel and accompanying screen option removable via the welcome_panel hook
  • When reassigning posts and links during user deletion, clear the post and link caches
  • WP_Tax_Query::transform_query() is now public
  • XML-RPC: Add the ‘home’ option to wp.getOptons
  • XML-RPC: Don’t use switch_to_blog() in wp.getUsersBlogs, improves performance and memory footprint
  • [edit] Filters
  • Add cron_request for filtering the cron_url in wp_remote_post()
  • Add login_body_class filter to login_header()
  • Add media_view_strings and media_view_settings filters. Use media_view_strings to filter ‘Insert into post’ button text
  • Add post_type_labels_{$post_type} to filter get_post_type_labels()
  • Add restrict_manage_comments hook to comments list table for better filtering capability
  • Add validate_password_reset filter, making it possible for plugins to enforce password rules
  • Add domain_exists filter for domain_exists()
  • Add wp_get_update_data filter making it easier for plugins to modify update count
  • Add wp_image_editors filter to allow adding to or modifying order of WP_Image_Editor engines
  • XML-RPC: Add xmlrpc_login_error filter to customize the IXR_Error returned when login() fails

For theme designers (mostly), there’s a great news:¬†Farbtastic color picker was replaced with Iris color picker. I’ll publish a tutorial on how to implement it soon. It’s lightweight and simple to use.

Also, make sure you check your themes and plugins for deprecated functions:

  • Deprecate sticky_class() in favor of post_class()
  • Deprecate wp_cache_reset()
  • Deprecate wp_create_thumbnail()
  • Deprecate image_save_pre filter, which filters a GD Resource, for image_editor_save_pre, which filters a WP_Image_Editor object
  • Deprecate wp_save_image_file, which filters a GD Resource, for wp_save_image_editor_file, which filters a WP_Image_Editor object
  • Deprecate image_edit_before_change, which filters a GD Resource, for image_edit_before_change, which filters a WP_Image_Editor object
  • Deprecate jpeg_quality filter for wp_editor_set_quality, or WP_Image_Editor::set_quality() on an individual image, which sets compression quality for any supported format
  • Deprecate wp_load_image() in favor of wp_get_image_editor()
  • Deprecate image_resize in favor of WP_Image_Editor::resize()
  • Deprecate gd_edit_image_support() in favor of wp_image_editor_supports()

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