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During the last weeks, I’ve worked on improving the email sending behaviour, especially with Gmail. According to Google documentation:

  • If a message was correctly DKIM signed, a ‘signed-by’ header with the sending domain will appear.
  • If a message was SPF authenticated, a ‘mailed-by’ header with the domain name will appear.
  • If no authentication information exists, there will be no signed-by or mailed-by headers.

Some hosting companies allow for DKIM signed keys and in some cases (most often) they are set by default. If they are not, you should check your cPanel or your Plesk panel and set them as default.

If you receive your eCards in your Spam/Junk folder, you should teach your email client the respective email message is not spam by clicking on the provided button (tested it with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and Mozilla Thunderbird).

The latest version of WordPress eCards2.4.3 – fixes and improves the following aspects:

  • FIX: Removed the “Missing attachment” text if user uploaded own image
  • FIX: Removed all checked attributes from eCards
  • FIX: Fixed both selected image and attachment being sent
  • FIX: Fixed div nesting inside paragraph element
  • FIX: Removed unused option both from code and options table
  • FIX: Renamed print_filters_for() function for better compatibility with other plugins
  • FIX: Fixed diagnostics tab for WordPress multisite
  • IMPROVEMENT: Moved eCard message and content below the image (inside email)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added radiogroup role to the list of radio inputs
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed featured image from list of available eCards
  • DOCUMENTATION: Added new link for Gmail authentication

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