WordPress Google My Business

WordPress Google My Business v3.0.3

Last released on December 9, 2020 in WordPress Plugins

Price: N/A · License: GPL-3.0

WordPress Google My Business lets you schedule and publish posts, custom posts and pages automatically from WordPress to your Google My Business page.

The plugin is simple and lightweight. You can also setup a default share message (which includes time saving shortcodes) and an action type for all your posts, which you can override on the individual post page as well. You can also filter items to be published based on categories selected on the plugin settings page. You can choose whether you want to share posts, custom posts and pages.

The plugin utilises the official Google My Business API so your posts featured image will automatically be used as the Google My Business post image and your post link will be set as the call to action link in Google My Business. You can also create event posts with a start and end date.

From the plugin settings you can also create a manual new post which isn’t tied to any WordPress post/page/custom post type and you can also edit and remove past posts without even having to go to your Google My Business page.

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Display reviews on any post, page or in a sidebar widget using the review shortcode builder in the plugin settings. Simply change the settings and get a live preview of your review slider or grid. Then copy and paste the shortcode into the desired position on your website. There are heaps of options to customise the look of the reviews and you can even manually exclude specific reviews from displaying. Reviews will be updated automatically once every day so there’s no maintenance.

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