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Back in April, Yahoo acquired IndexTools, a provider of analytics software based in Hungary. Today, that service has re-emerged as Yahoo Web Analytics, and is being offered as a limited beta to customers of Yahoo Small Business – the company’s suite of tools for helping small businesses market and sell products online. Additionally, the tool will also be made available to select Yahoo advertisers.

As you might expect, Yahoo Web Analytics includes integration with other Yahoo products. For example, you can analyze the effectiveness of Yahoo search marketing campaigns and track how well individual products within your e-commerce shop are trending. The product will naturally be compared to Google Analytics, the free offering from Google that has similar integration with AdWords.

While it may be late to the party, Yahoo Web Analytics is apparently a big upgrade for Yahoo Small Business customers.

Source: Mashable

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7 thoughts on “Yahoo Launches Web Analytics Solution

  1. interesting. but yahoo is indeed really late to the party. i wonder if it’ll offer any additional value.

  2. I will join it in order to test it and see what innovations they bring to the system. Did you know they also launched a calendar? I don’t remember the address, it seems to be in Beta now.

    They seem to bring all their toys to the party.

  3. Hi, As an Sr. SMS, i strongly agree that Yahoo atleast came up with something good its small business customers which will lead them to track like what google has already to its customers, anyway best of luck.


  4. Having used it, I can tell you that it’s worth trying. At least
    Yahoo has come up with something that can make Google worry about.

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