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One of the main competitors (?) for Google Webmaster Tools is Yahoo’s Site Explorer. Not as feature-rich as Webmaster Tools, the Explorer has a feature which lets you delete an indexed page from its index. Why doesn’t Yahoo do it?

A new feature, in BETA, is the Dynamic URLs. This new feature allows you to “specify up to 3 dynamic parameters that you want us (i.e. Yahoo) to treat specially whenever these are seen in URLs belonging to We (i.e. Yahoo) will automatically rewrite the URLs containing these parameters as specified below.”

That’s a little fishy. What does this actually do? Removes my session IDs. I can even append an affiliate ID at the end of the URL. Actually, that’s not so user-friendly (user is a non-technical person in this case).

Let’s take a look at my sitemap processing date. March 25th, 2007. That’s a… while ago. Yeah, they processed it at 4 minutes after my submission, but am I supposed to resubmit it daily?! Since then, I have changed my web site’s engine from static PHP to WordPress. Pinged my sitemap everywhere. Yahoo is sleeping. Eeh, who cares, they’ve got the Badge feature. Ugly, and not standardized (as in standard banner dimensions).

Let’s see what Yahoo has to say. Just take a look at the ugly URLs in their blog. How am I supposed to bookmark something and remember numbers?

And we have some small business related news, about the BETA dynamic URLs, sitemaps and the “infinite” possibilities they offer.

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One thought on “Yahoo vs Google

  1. I suppose Search engine market is converging more and more towards Google – others seem to be just follower with Google leading this market miles ahead.

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