Personal Livescore

Personal Livescore plugin allows the administrator to run and maintain a livescore system without the need to sign up for various web services or feeds.

Unlike all the other plugins, this plugin is entire controllable by the administrator, and does not require any third-party account. The plugin is white-labeled and offers an embeddable version for other sites. The embeddable version is 100% mobile/tablet compatible and works in real time.

Personal Livescore is now free. The plugin has been unsupported since 2017.

Features: HTML5 compliant, works with all themes, fast and performant, can be translated in any language, comes with several languages by default (more are added with every update), archive page, customizable copyright line.


  1. Upload the ‘personal-livescore’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin via the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Create and publish a new post/page, add an image or more and add this shortcode: [ livescore ]
  4. A new Livescore menu will appear in WordPress Settings area
  5. See usage examples below

Usage Examples

  • Add the shortcode [livescore] to a post or a page or use [livescore id="4"] to show a single match
  • Use the shortcode [livescore mode="archive"] to display an archive of past matches/scores

Styling Examples

Inside the /css/ folder there are 2 separate files, style-red.css and style-tan.css, use them either to change current colours, or as a base for your own styles, including custom fonts.

Match/Score Status

A game/match status is 0 if the game has passed (archive), 1 if the game is active (live) or 2 if the game is in the future (upcoming). A status of 3 indicates a future match, but hidden from widget view.

Watch this quick video tutorial about Livescore configuration.

See how scores are updated in real-time, in less than 5 seconds, without page reload.

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