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Mingle Forum

Have you been looking for a forum plugin for WordPress that just works? Then look no further! Mingle Forum has been modified to be lightweight, solid, secure, quick to set up, and easy to use.


Billed once per year until cancelled

Vault Express

The Vault Express Bundle contains all themes and downloads.


Billed once per year until cancelled


Saturn is a fast, lightweight WordPress theme, fully enhanced for the native Block Editor and fully compatible with hundreds of block patterns.


Billed once per year until cancelled


WordPress eCards is a WordPress plugin used to send electronic cards (eCards) to friends. WordPress eCards features a native template designer.


Billed once per year until cancelled


ImagePress is a WordPress gallery plugin used to generate user image galleries. Users can upload images, categorise them, tag them and add a small description. Images are grouped into separate sortable and filterable galleries. Users can add images to public or private collections.


Billed once per year until cancelled

WP Send

WP Send is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Share large files with configurable filesizes and expiry dates.


Billed once per year until cancelled


The vote5 plugin allows users to vote on posts and administrators to manage votes, ban/unban IP addresses and search/filter votes.


Billed once per year until cancelled


Lighthouse is a WordPress performance tuning plugin, removing lots of default WordPress behaviour, such as filters, actions, injected code, native code and third-party actions.


Billed once per year until cancelled

Active Analytics

Active Analytics is a WordPress-tailored analytics plugin, privacy-enhanced, lightweight solution for tracking what really matters.


Billed once per year until cancelled

Acquaint FAQ

A highly optimized Frequently Asked Questions plugin with topics, sessions, a basic search engine and FAQ views. Ideal for small to medium knowledge base systems or support/documentation sections.


Billed once per year until cancelled

Premium Featured WordPress Plugins

Active Analytics

downloaded 30 times | $29.00

WP Send

downloaded 6 times | $19.00


downloaded 533 times | $39.00


downloaded 757 times | $22.00

vote5 – WordPress Voting Plugin

downloaded 122 times | $17.00

WordPress eCards

downloaded 1,544 times | $19.00

Free WordPress Plugins

Admin Menu Tree Page View

downloaded 301,530 times

Block for Font Awesome

downloaded 12,920 times

Quick Event Calendar

downloaded 1,415 times

YouTube Playlist Player

downloaded 51,175 times


downloaded 7,337 times


downloaded 9,834 times

eCards Lite

downloaded 8,509 times

Marketplace Items

downloaded 5,512 times

Modern Design Library

downloaded 2,664 times

ImagePress – Image Gallery

downloaded 18,179 times

Finance Calculator

downloaded 23,063 times

Bulk Variations for WooCommerce

downloaded 2,565 times

VAT Assist for WooCommerce

downloaded 617 times

More WordPress Plugins

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Gravity Forms Repeater

A custom repeater plugin. May require some fixes and updates.

#WordPress #plugin #GitHub

Gravity Forms Date/Time Picker

Hook into a single text field and use a JavaScript time picker plugin. Easy, lightweight and extendable.

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More Plugins/More Code

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WooCommerce Grid/List View

WooCommerce Grid/List View is a simple plugin which adds a grid/list view toggle button to your product archives, allowing users to toggle between grid and list views of your products on your WooCommerce store.

#WordPress #plugin #WooCommerce