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getButterfly Club goes open-source (23 hours ago in News)

In the light of the recent updates for my CodeCanyon plugins, I have decided to open-source all my Club work, such as custom WordPress plugins and commercial WordPress and HTML5 themes/templates. The decision came after the Club didn’t get any traction and development progress was slow and it didn’t justify the monthly subscription cost. I […]

ImagePress incremental update ( (1 day ago in ImagePress, News, WordPress)

After several days of improving my workflow and customer feedback, I have releases a few incremental updates to fix various bugs. See below a list of changes. = = * FIX: Changed login cookie name from ‘rememberme’ to ‘remember’ * FIX: Fixed wrong class name * FEATURE: Added option to always include category into […]

ImagePress incremental update (5.5.2) (6 days ago in ImagePress, News, WordPress)

During the past weeks, I’ve been working with several Envato customers and personal clients to improve and add more CSS compatibility overrides for third-party themes and components. If you’ve missed the past releases, here is the changelog: = 5.5.2 = * FIX: Renamed 4 functions to avoid conflict with TracPress * FIX: Fixed misplaced redirection […]

Poor man’s lazy loading (6 days ago in jQuery, Tutorials)

We all know that images tend to load quite slowly, especially when using AJAX pagination. This was my case, and because it was a backoffice system, I decided to go with small script and load the images after the DOM was ready. This way, I could apply some smart CSS styling. This is the main […]

How to implement update notifications for CodeCanyon plugins (2 weeks ago in Tutorials, WordPress)

And not only. I have recently implemented update notifications for my ImagePress plugin. The idea is simple: Read a remote XML file, get the version number and compare it to the installed one. Display a “new update available” tag inside WordPress. Do this once a day and cache the result. In order to achieve this, […]

Security Updates (2 weeks ago in General, News)

Cyber criminals will exploit any vulnerability in any system. Last month has seen a surge in malware and web attacks. WordPress released 4 security updates, and more than 10 plugins, themes or WordPress modules were reported as being insecure. The disclosure was made in due time, so authors were able to quickly patch their code […]

Thirty Five (2 weeks ago in General, News)

I’m 35 today. One year older. Better. Smarter. A father. What have I learned the year that past? Focus on what counts. Be it personal or professional, focus on what matters the most. Image credit: Rosebud Cakes – 26 Year Anniversary Like this:Like Loading…

The Silk Road (3 weeks ago in Asides)

Note to self, gotta read this: The postman only rang once. Curtis Green was at home, greeting the morning with 64 ounces of Coca-Cola and powdered mini doughnuts. Fingers frosted synthetic white, he was startled to hear someone at the door. It was 11 am, and surprise visits were uncommon at his modest house in Spanish Fork, […]

Back to the roots (3 weeks ago in Asides)

Some major changes are coming along. Over time, I tried to monetize in various ways. Some of these ways failed, so I have to rethink my business model. It all started years ago with my freelance business, called Butterfly Media, which provided website design and hosting. I had moderate success and I was able […]

eCards 3 thoughts (3 weeks ago in News)

eCards 3 is getting closer and closer. Based on user feedback and customer requests, the next thing that should go into eCards is an email template customizer. Another feature is a simpler options panel with default preset values. Most users are not familiar with the intricacies of mail sending and spam prevention. This is where […]

ImagePress 6 thoughts (3 weeks ago in News)

ImagePress 5.4.1 is now out and it includes a new feature: collections. While going ahead with compatibility fixes and bug fixes on the 5.x line, ImagePress 6 needs more flexibility. I’m thinking of adding better cleanup/migration options, such as collection cleanup, image cleanup, orphan tags cleanup, options cleanup and more. The best way to implement a […]

ImagePress 5.4.1 fixes the collections module (3 weeks ago in News)

I have just released ImagePress 5.4.1. This is a bugfix release after the alpha collections module last week. This version also improves compatibility with several themes and allows for better customization of the upload form. See the full changelog below. = 5.4.1 = * UPDATE: Added option to select collections page * UPDATE: Added shortcode to […]

ImagePress: Collections (1 month ago in News)

ImagePress 5.4 has been released! The main feature is the collections module, a new way to collect images in public or private collections and display them on the profile page (as a tab). The current version (5.4) labels the module as BETA and I need usage feedback and bug reports. Note: In order to properly […]

Plugins moved to github (1 month ago in News)

Cinnamon Boards, Cinnamon Users and Newsletter Tycoon are no longer supported and have moved to github. Feel free to do pull requests and any useful code will be merged into the plugins. Fork/pull on github Like this:Like Loading…

How to change post author ID for security purposes (2 months ago in Tutorials)

Do you know how certain security plugins advise against having a user with ID 1? Hacking a WordPress site involves other methods but if you are really determined (slash paranoid) to change it, try either of these options: 1. Run these queries in phpMyAdmin: UPDATE wp_posts SET post_author=’1000′ WHERE post_author=’1′; UPDATE wp_users SET ID = […]

TracPress Plugin Release: WordPress Bug Tracking and Management (2 months ago in News)

TracPress is an enhanced issue tracking system for software development projects. TracPress uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. TracPress is a WordPress-powered ticket manager and issue tracker featuring multiple projects, multiple users, milestones, attachments and much more. Get it now! Like this:Like Loading…

How to add real-time, members-only chat to your WordPress site (2 months ago in Tutorials)

This is a simple WordPress plugin to add a real-time chat system for your registered users. It works with all roles, including subscribers, editors, contributors and custom created ones. For a chat system you would need a heartbeat script, to check interactions every X seconds and an AJAX container to display them, based on user […]

Roo Heatmap 3.0 (3 months ago in Changelogs)

= 3.0 = * FIX: Fixed deprecated mysql_ calls * FIX: Fixed extra HTTP requests * FIX: Fixed heatmap image width, according to settings page * PERFORMANCE: Removed browser checking and storing Read more | Download Like this:Like Loading…

Cinnamon Boards 3.2 (3 months ago in Changelogs)

Cinnamon Boards has been updated to version 3.2. I am aware of some text inconsistencies and some tab organization issue, which will be fixed in version 3.5. I am also working on several new features, such as email notification and email subscription. = 3.2 = * FIX: Fixed WordPress UI item (added switchable option) * […]

eCards 2.9.1 (3 months ago in Changelogs)

= 2.9.1 = * FIX: Updated a deprecated Akismet call * FIX: Removed PHP 5.3+ specific functions for mail filters Read more | Download Like this:Like Loading…