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Compressor: Convert Images to WebP

WebP has been developed by Google to be able to create smaller and better looking images that can help make the web faster. It is a new image format that uses lossy compression for photographic images.

Note: Because the WebP conversion is done on-the-fly, in browser, there are no statistics about file size. Click on the resulting image to download and compare.

What is Image Compression?

Image compression is a term used to describe the process of reducing the amount of space an image takes up. Once you have compressed an image, you can store it more efficiently, which means you can store more than one image on the same amount of storage space. Compressed images can be sent faster, take up less room, or be sent less frequently, as the bandwidth required to send them is smaller. There are two main types of image compression: lossless and lossy.

Although lossy image quality is not as great as lossless compression, the quality difference is almost unnoticeable to human eyes. Lossy image compression gives you almost the same quality as lossless, but reduces the image size by up to 90%.

Why use Compressor to compress images?

No Limits

As the compression is happening in the browser, there are no limits on how many images you can convert or what size of image you can convert.

100% Private

Since no images are sent to any servers, your images are totally safe and private, as no one else can see your images.

Zero Carbon Emission

Since no servers are involved in the compression process, zero extra electricity is used, hence no carbon emitted.

How does Compressor compress images?

Compressor allows you to compress .jpg images as well as .png images with lossy compression techniques right in your browser. None of your images is sent to any servers for compression. This makes the image compression process ten times faster than other image compress websites like tinypng and

For JPG compression, it uses the compressorJs library, which is an open source JPEG image compression engine written by Fengyuan Chen. For compressing PNG images, it uses the open-source JavaScript PNG compression script UPNG.js, written by Ivan Kutskir.

Compressor is the fastest of the most popular images compression websites online. Let’s compare its performance with other popular services.

FeaturesCompressor (this one!)TinyJPG/
LimitsNo Limits20 images/5mb max10mb max
Compression SpeedVery FastSlowSlow
Auto Resize Image
WebP Conversion
Private Compression
Works Offline
Zero Carbon Emission