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Ciprian Popescu is a web engineer, web designer, and blogger, known for his blog getButterfly.com.

Ciprian Popescu is a web engineer with a professional experience of over 23 years in the web industry. He has expertise in back-end and front-end development, specializing in full stack engineering, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript development, and static and dynamic web applications. Additionally, he possesses strong project management skills.

Ciprian is the owner of getButterfly.com, which is currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Throughout his career, he has also founded SpeedFactor (now Lighthouse), a SaaS platform for automated page speed monitoring and tracking, and WPDublin, an initiative aimed at fostering the local WordPress community.

In terms of communication, Ciprian excels in both technical and non-technical client interactions. He is capable of writing comprehensive management systems using pseudocode, without relying on specific software. Furthermore, he demonstrates proficiency in planning and coding site-wide and full-stack auditing systems. His planning skills are highly regarded and applicable to various types of projects, including CMS, scripts, plugins, modules, themes, and layouts.

Resume {Skills}

  • Coding & Programming
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas
  • NodeJS
  • Design
  • Web design
  • UI/UX
  • RWD/AWD design
  • Graphics and media skills
  • Video editing/VFX
  • 3D modelling and compositing (a bit rusty)
  • Voice talent

Portfolio and references

Get in touch

WordPress, GitHub

A few testimonials —

Ciprian is a highly talented designer and really wants to make sure that the client is satisfied. He is very quick to respond to queries and troubleshoot any site issues. His knowledge and expertise is second to none. I’d highly recommend Ciprian!

— Majellia Sheehan

Ciprian obviously knows his work back to front and inside out. He helped me sort out a problem easily and quickly and explained why. He does great work.

— Christine Bruce

Ciprian understood exactly what I wanted to achieve with my website from the outset. He turned the work around quickly, resolving any issues or tweaks required without hesitation. I was particularly impressed with his knowledge of the technologies involved, and I am delighted with the end result. His service is excellent value for money.

— Pat Fitzpatrick

Additional information, should you be interested

Husband. Father. Non-smoker. Interests include game development, travel, photography, cinematography and, lately, model car weathering. Also, cat lover.

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