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getButterfly is Ciprian Popescu. He has been building WordPress products and web applications since 2005. He has used his years of experience to create ImagePress and eCards — his featured WordPress products. If you’re looking for a professional WordPress plugin or theme, at a competitive cost, look no further!

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JavaScript Tutorials & Snippets Find a plethora of JavaScript tutorials, code snippets and samples here or on the blog. As a bonus, see some jQuery tutorials, code snippets and samples here.

Hound – Flat File Content Management System

Hound is a lite, flat-file, PHP-based content management system. It is supposed to replace other CMS’s for brochure sites with no database functionality or multi-user capabilities.

Check out Hound CMS here.

Photo Gallery

This is a personal photo gallery built using ImagePress.
Feel free to share photos, like them or recommend the plugin to a friend.

Check out my photo gallery here.


I am building awesome WordPress plugins and themes. If you’re interested in giving feedback or reporting a bug, then let me know.

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